Science explosions are my son’s favorite type of activity. You may assume that we saw this activity in a science book or the Internet. However, we read about this activity while reading the Weird School book series by Dan Gutman. My son, Cory, loves reading these books. Once he saw we could make a lunch bag explode, he looked at me and said, “We gotta do it!” This is definitely a fun science experiment to do at home.

The great thing about this activity is you most likely have all the ingredients in your home. Below is what we used….

2 Gallon Ziplock Bag (you can use 1 gallon as well)

Food Coloring


Baking Soda

It is best to do this science experiment outside. Also, you should wear old clothes along with science gloves and goggles.

While doing this experiment, your child will learn about how acids (vinegar) and bases (baking soda) react to one another. Vinegar and baking soda combine to make carbon dioxide which is a gas.

Don’t be surprised if your child wants to do this activity again.

In the short video below, we show you how to set up the experiment. The video comes from my son’s YouTube Channel, Corban’s Fun Learning Adventures. Please subscribe if you like what you see.

Try this today! It will be a fun science experiment to do at home!

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