I think playing games are the best way for children to review information. Games incorporate three of the five senses for learning which are sight, hearing, and touch. Sometimes, if you are creative, you can include smell and taste as well. Below I will tell you about a 3rd grade math game we created.

This week, I decided to review multiplication and division with my son. He is starting to multiply and divide multi-digit numbers. I wanted to ensure that he mastered his times tables from 0 – 12.

My son loves games and competition. Therefore, playing this game really increased his motivation to get every math problem correct.

In order to make our review games more interesting, I like incorporating his favorite toys. This week he wanted to use Turbo Bot as a way to earn extra points in this activity. Turbo Bot is a toy that can dance, spin, explore, and even record your voice.

Watch the video below to see how we used Turbo Bot to make this 3rd grade math game more challenging and exciting.

Also you can use this game to review any concept, whether its addition, history, or science facts. We encourage you to be creative and use the game in your own way.

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