My family and I recently went on a much needed vacation. We visited amusement parks, saw a musical, and became one with nature. There were days where we relaxed and explored the local area. On some relaxed mornings and evenings, my son and I would either play with a toy, read, watch television, go to the pool or playground.

One of our traditions when traveling is to cook so we don’t have to eat out for every meal. This means we go to the grocery store and also purchase household items from a retail store like Wal-Mart. While in Wal-Mart, my son and I picked up one container of Play-Doh. The next morning I saw him playing with it. He looked at me and asked if I wanted to play as well. Of course my answer was, “Sure.”

We began our playtime with making various shapes and objects. Then my son said let’s play a game with the Play-Doh. We put on our thinking caps to make up a Play-Doh game. After conversing and adding on to each other’s ideas, we came up with the Play-Doh Challenges.

These challenges were fun and caused the morning to go by really fast. I will share the challenges with you below.

Let’s Get Started!

Enjoy Our Play-Doh Creations Below!

The first challenge is called Guess What I’m Making.

Guess What I’m Making

  • Each person takes Play-Doh and makes something with it.
  • You may either give each other a time limit to make something or simply wait until you all are done creating.
  • Next guess what the other person made.
  • You may give clues if the other person is struggling to guess the correct answer.
  • If the person guesses correctly, they receive a point.
  • Please note: You don’t have to play with points as it will make the game more competitive.
My son guessed that I made a flower and he was correct!

The next challenge is Name that Category.

Name that Category

  • Each person takes Play-Doh.
  • One person names a category.
  • Creators will have to make something within that category with Play-Doh.
  • The other creators will guess what you made.
  • My son named the category “Toys.”
  • As a result, we both made toys.
I could not guess what my son made until he showed me his stuffed pterodactyl. He made it perfectly.
My son guessed that I made a Lego and he was right!

The next challenge is Create the Word

Create the Word

I want to give you some background on this game. My son has been learning to write in cursive. He really likes practicing the curves, twists, and turns in cursive writing. If you follow my posts, you will know that we like to do hands-on activities with what we learn. This is one of those activities.

  • Each person take Play-Doh.
  • Have each person name a word.
  • The other player will have to create a word said by the another player.
  • For example, my son said the word “yell” and I made it with Play-Doh.
  • I said the word “cat” and he made it with Play-Doh.
  • If your child is not writing yet, another option is to make letters or numbers with them
    • This is a great activity for number and alphabet recognition.
I made the word “yell” in cursive with Play-Doh.
My son created the word “cat” in cursive with Play-Doh
This word was not a part of the game. My son wanted to practice his upper case S in cursive. I think this may be his favorite letter to write in cursive.

I hope you have fun with this activity!


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16 thoughts on “Play-Doh Games/Challenges for Kids

  1. I sometimes struggle to keep my kids occupied with Play-Doh for any length of time but these are great ideas!! I will definitely try a few of these games next time and maybe even create my own game. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  2. This is a brilliant, low cost activity that integrates so many learning styles and multiple intelligences. Even better, it is fun. My son recently received an assortment of Play Doh, so I can’t wait to try this out with him.

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