Every week, I post fun accelerated learning activities and tips in a Facebook mom’s group. One particular week, a mom requested that I post Effective and Fun Study tips for Kids/Tweens/Teens.

After fulfilling this mom’s requests, I got a lot positive feedback from parents. They requested even more tips for how their children can make better grades along with improved study habits.

I was excited about this because I LOVE LEARNING about the brain and it’s capacity to store information. My goal is to make learning fun, efficient, and effective for kids.

Many kids spend a lot time in school so why not make learning a positive experience for them? One way this can be done is by using their creativity, imagination, and the real world to trigger their memory.

I will show you an example.

Here are “Three Quick Strategies To Transform Your Elementary & Middle School Child from a C&D Student to an A&B Student Without Long Study Sessions.”

It gives you strategies that will help children learn facts for school in less than 10 minutes. Also you learn a great tip to keep your child’s focus while they are studying. They will retain more information in less time.

Please Note: This information is great for parents of homeschoolers as well!

The great thing about this strategy is that it can be used for WHATEVER SUBJECT OR TOPIC your child is learning.

You will want to implement these tips and tricks right away!!!

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4 thoughts on “Fun and Fast Study Tricks for Better Grades

  1. What about kids who have executive function and working memory challenges. My 9 year old is gifted and scored very high in all three areas they tested him for (whereas my other son only scored in the 99th percentile for one area), but he also has ADHD. And memorizing or remembering simple things like the order of something or let’s say, multiplication is physically painful for him. He completely shuts down. I’ve tried looking up different ways to help him but haven’t had much luck and the teachers only recommend flashcards which definitely make him angrier. LOL! Let me know if you have any other tricks up your sleeve I could try 🙂

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