The holidays are here and kids will be home from school. During their down time, why not expose them to STEM projects that will be fun and educational? We have a fun activity for you today. We will show you how to make Colorful Balls of Ice. This project is also called Colorful Snow Globes.

All you need is three items ….


Food Coloring


Kids will learn what the powerful combination of water, balloons, and food coloring can make.

They will also learn about two states of water which are solid (ice) and liquid (water).

My son loves choosing different colors for his snow globes. The best part about this activity is melting the big ball of ice. You can do this with salt (which takes longer) or warm water.

Have your children make multiple Snow Globes and see who can melt them the fastest.

Below is video showing you how to make the colorful balls of ice. It comes from my son’s YouTube channel, Corban’s Fun Learning Adventures. Please like the video and subscribe if you find the content helpful.

Have fun learning how to make Colorful Balls of Ice.

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