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Need some extra help?

We are offering an OPTIONAL 64-PAGE WORKBOOK, which is a collection of all 16 lessons and over 100 tips and tools in the FREE Mini Course on How to Teach Alphabet Recognition in a Fun Way!

There are additional reflection questions at the end of each lesson to help you process what you have learned and to help you take daily action. These questions ARE NOT available in the FREE emailed portion of the 16-day course, just the workbook. 

With this workbook, the tips, tools, assignments, and information in this course are organized into one spot for easy reference.

You don’t have to worry about missing days that got lost in your spam folder or accidentally deleted. This guide also allows you to go at your own pace. We go step by step together!

By learning in small steps and going at your own pace, you avoid becoming overwhelmed and trying to play catch up.

If you are eager to start NOW, this 64-page workbook is instantly available to you as a digital download sent your email. You can have it spiral bound at most supply stores for a minimal price.

Other benefits of the workbook are…

  • Getting started right way
  • Helps you set goals before you start
  • Helps you track your progress
  • Compare your goals and results at the end of the course

This workbook is a small investment of $9.99. If you would like to purchase the workbook, please click the image below.

alphabet workbook-3