I am excited about today’s activity because it involves melting a big ball of ice. When my son first heard about this science project, he was excited to get started. To make the activity more interesting, he trapped his PJ Masks figurine set in the ice. We want to share it with you. Today we will show you how to make ice balloons with your favorite toys.

The following is needed for this activity…
Plastic Container

This project includes fun pretend play with PJ Masks Figure Set. The PJ Masks figures are trapped in ice globes. It is Scientist Corban’s job to melt the ice to rescue Cat Boy, Owlette, and Gekko. Kids will love this ice breaking and melting activity.  Children will learn how to make ice melt fast. This is a fun science experiment for preschoolers, kindergarten, and up.

Below is a video showing you how to make ice balloons step-by-step. It comes from my son’s YouTube channel, Corban’s Fun Learning Adventures. Please like the video and subscribe if you find the activities helpful.

Have fun with this Activity!

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