Art is such an important activity for kids to do. It displays their creativity and imagination. In our household, we love sea animals. We wanted to do a project that combines painting and sea creatures. Therefore, we came up with colorful ice sea animals. If you don’t have iced animals, then you can use cubed ice. Below we will show you how to do this easy art project for kindergarten, preschool, and up.

Here is what you need for this activity…

Food Coloring

Paper Plates

Sea Animal Ice Tray (optional) – You can use a cubed ice tray


This easy art project for kindergarten and up will expose your kids to science and art. They will learn how water changes from a liquid to solid ice. Additionally, children will see ice change colors. If you leave the project out long enough, they will observe how solid ice changes back to a liquid.

We like this activity because it is easy to do and requires minimal setup.

Below is a video that shows you how to create Colorful Sea Animals. The video below comes from my son’s YouTube channel, Corban’s Fun Learning Adventures. Please subscribe if you like what you see.

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