Thank you so much for being here! I love sharing tips on fun accelerated learning for kids. Kids are so fun and their imaginations are always at play. Let’s use this to make reading fun for our children!

I hope you enjoyed the first and second video in the FREE Mini Course: Strategies to Teach Your Toddler to Read Through Play.

This includes some of the techniques I used with my son to expose him to words, reading, and reading comprehension in a fun way. 

Now you have come to the final video in this training. You will receive my biggest tips here. 

You will learn…

  • 10 Components needed when exposing your child to new words and reading with examples of activities
  • FREE Course on how to Teach the Alphabet in a Fun Way
  • How to use digital media and technology in your child’s learning
  • How to use the world as your child’s learning playground

Below is a PDF File of 10 Components Needed When Learning to Read.


Thank you again for joining me! I hope you have found this information valuable.


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