You have taken the first step in learning strategies to make reading fun, natural, and stress free for you and your child. 

This is the first video in our FREE Mini Course: Strategies to Teach Your Toddler to Read Through Play.

This includes some of the techniques I used with my son to expose him to words, reading, and reading comprehension in a fun way. 

In this video, you will learn

  • The learning system I used to teach my son to read.
  • How I address the objections people have about teaching a child to read as a toddler.
  • The one mistake parents make when reading to their child.
  • And so much more!

By the end of this video, you will know how to read aloud to your child in a way that creates meaning and connection! This will strengthen your child’s reading comprehension skills faster!


In the second video you will learn about the One Million Gap and How to Beat it!

In the third video, I will reveal the 10 Components Needed to Teach Reading in a Fun Way!

The fourth video reveals how to take your child’s learning and reading to the next level.

See you there!

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13 thoughts on “The One Mistake Parents Make When Reading Aloud to Children

    1. Hello Linique, you will get the 2nd video tomorrow. The 3rd and 4th video will come the day after tomorrow.

  1. Very good information. Thanks for all this great information. I think it is very helpful.

  2. Enjoyed the first video. Thank you for this valuable information as I work with my grandson who is a 3 year old.

  3. My son is 17 months and we read daily he loves for me to read to him . I also play with him. And he enjoys praise. He also likes to go back through the books he really likes after I read and I talk about why he looking at. His speech seems behind to me but I could be over analyzing. We are part of the 1,000 books before kindergarten. Thanks for the additional info. I just hope it is paying off. I’m trying not to get discouraged.

    1. At first I thought my son’s language was behind as well. However, it seemed to explode around 18 months. I realized his brain was taking in all the language from songs, books, talking etc. Then when he was ready to say more words, he did. Now he will not stop talking. Keeping exposing him to language, he will develop more words soon. Keep doing what you are doing.

  4. Thank you for the information. My son is already 4 and in first stages of reading. Memorizing site words and repetitive words. He can count to about 50 (100 with reminders), say his alphabet, write his name, and starting now with last name. I am wanting him to be more fluent in reading and writing and need your expertise. Everyday, sometimes twice day, I start him out writing his name 5 times and we started incorporating 1 simple word. I have started writing one sentence with the site word, so he can see and we start to trace it then we will write the sentence together until he can write it independently. I feel I have doing so many of the things you list but would like to learn more and help my child be successful and excel in these areas.

    Thank you ,

    Nichole Francis

    1. Hello Nichole! Its sounds like your son is off to a wonderful start! I think you may find my book, Teach Your Toddler to Write Through Play, would benefit your son. It has a lot of fun activities even your 4 year old would like. The book is available on Amazon. Here is a link to our store,, where you can find out more about the book. Thank you for your comment.

    2. I forgot to mention reading. It would be great to keep various books around him all the time. We go to the library weekly and have at least 50 books in our home weekly. Have your son pick out books he likes. Also science experiments are beneficial for reading. Science introduces kids to wonderful words like chemical reaction and gravity. They will learn these words by doing various experiments and STEM projects. Here is an article about how science can improve reading. Also my son’s has a YouTube channel where he does science projects weekly. Your son may enjoy this. Here is his channel link

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