Halloween is almost here! My son, Cory, is excited because he likes to dress up and go trick or treating. He also likes to do spooky science experiments and art projects. This year, his friend asked how to make basic slime. This request sparked a new idea which is making Glow in the Dark Slime.

Cory took this idea a step forward and decided to make a Glow in the Dark Monster Slime. This project is so fun and easy to do. You only need two ingredients to make the Glow in the Dark Slime which are glue and slime activator. You may also use food coloring, but this is optional.

After making the slime, Cory played with it for a while. He stretched, pressed, kneaded, and balled it up. Then he decided to make the slime into a monster. We used pipe cleaners and googly eyes for this step.

Below is a video showing you how to make monster slime step-by-step. This video comes from my son’s YouTube channel, Corban’s Fun Learning Adventures. If the videos are helpful to you, please like and subscribe to the channel.

Have fun with this activity!

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