Most babies wear disposable diapers because it is quick, easy, and effective for parents to use. Have you ever wondered how they work? My son wanted to know this answer after seeing his baby brother wear countless diapers. After doing some research, my son found the answer to his question, “How does a diaper work?” Today we will share our findings with you.

Science experiments are one of the best ways to answer children’s questions about how the world works. Kids are able to experience what they are learning in a hands-on manner.

The Diaper Science Experiment was fascinating because it is something we use daily on my baby son. My older son said it reminded him of magic. I definitely agree with this!

In order to do this activity, you need the following….

Baby Diaper


Food Coloring

Ziplock Bag


Watch the video below to answer “How does a diaper work?” The video comes from my son’s Youtube channel, Corban’ Fun Learning Adventures. Please subscribe if you like what you see.

Have fun with this activity.

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