Today we have a super easy activity that will amaze your kids. We will show you how to make puffy soap. We call it Soap Soufflé!

Your children will watch soap go from a solid bar to a puffy substance. The fascinating part about this experiment is that it requires a certain brand of soap. There is a reason why this particular brand of soap works for this activity. We reveal the mystery in the video below.

Here is the soap you need for this experiment!

While doing this science activity, your chid will be exposed to air and water molecules. They will also learn how heat can be an agent of change.

We encourage you to try this experiment. It takes 5 minutes to do from start to finish.

The video below gives you step by step instructions on how to make puffy soap. It comes from my son’s YouTube channel, Corban’s Fun Adventures and Learning. Please subscribe if you enjoy what you see.

Have fun with this activity!

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