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A time capsule is a container that you fill with items from the present day, such as school work, newspaper clippings, or small toys, and hide away to open on a predetermined future date. Putting together a time capsule is the perfect way to spend a cool evening or rainy day with the family. Read the details below to create your own time capsule.

First choose a time capsule container. A shoe box or large mason jar work great! Once you have your time capsule container you’ll want to figure out what you include. Consult the checklist below with your kids to help spark some good ideas. Make sure your kids choose items that won’t be missed too much. Remember, you’ll be hiding away the time capsule for some time. 

Next have your kids write a fun note to their future selves! This can be a great way for them to capture their present interests and aspirations. The template below makes writing this letter easy. Just fill in the blanks! You can always add additional details.

Finally, you’ll want to set a date for when you plan to open the time capsule. This is completely up to your family! You can wait a few months, a year, or even a decade! Keep in mind the longer you wait, the more entertaining the reveal might be!

Download the full time capsule activity from Coupon Chief below to help you put together the perfect time capsule.

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