World Geography Lesson – Why it’s Needed

I remember being a tenth grader in high school taking Geography class. This class was extremely boring to me. It was simply because I was not interested in learning about other countries.

However, my mindset changed once I went to college. I met and developed friendships with people from around the world from Ghana, Brazil and Costa Rica to Ireland and Japan. Being around these friends made me curious about the world outside of the United States.

Once in college, I got on an airplane for the first time to Dominican Republic. Afterwards, I traveled to countries in Europe and South America. While traveling, I realized that the locals in these countries knew a lot about the United States. They could tell me about our current President at the time and his polices. They were so knowledgable in the subject matter that they were able to debate various topics on the American political system.

I was amazed and ashamed at the same time. This made me feel guilty for thinking my high school Geography class was boring. I should have listened and taken the time to learn about other countries.

When I became a mom

Once my son was born, I knew I wanted him to have an appreciation for a world outside of the United States. It was easier for me to instill this in him, because we live in an area with a lot people from other countries.

I never thought he would be introduced to geography at the age of three. My mom gave my son an Oregon Scientific Globe for his third Christmas gift. He loves this globe because it talks. Also, it teaches you about the continents, various countries, and various cultures through games.

We use the Oregon Scientific Globe and Marble Race Track to review the continents and various countries. These learning toys inspired us to create a fun world geography lesson/game. The globe was used to identify countries and their continents. Then we picked marbles, that matched certain countries’ flags and raced them against one another.

My son and I had the most fun with the game. Watch the video below to see how we played the game and who won.

The video below comes from my son’s YouTube Channel, Corban’s Fun Learning Adventures. Please subscribe IF you like what you see.

Have fun with this activity!

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12 thoughts on “World Geography Lesson – Fun Learning Activity for Kids

  1. Wow! As I’m reading this, I remember having the exact same experience when I first went abroad. I couldn’t believe people outside the U.S. knew more about U.S. politics than me! Geography is so important; great to hear you’ve been able to enrich your son’s life early on! 🙂

    1. Thank you for your comment. Someone understands!!! Now I love Geography. My son likes it as well!

  2. As a worldschooling family, I wholeheartedly agree with the need to teach geography well. This knowledge carries over into so many parts of our lives!

  3. Considering so many people are currently switching over (voluntarily or not) to homeschooling, this is such a great thing to keep in mind for the next school year! Will be letting my mom know of these tips to implement with my siblings!

  4. This is so important. I want my daughter to know more about world geography and landscape than I learned (because I struggle with it!) I love the fancy talking globes. I would have loved that whenI was younger. Wait…still would…

    1. I would have loved this globe as well. Maybe I would have been more interested in geography. Thank you for your comment.

  5. This is great! We just purchased a Homeschool preschool curriculum for this year and the first semester is all about different countries, so this will help a lot.

  6. Geography was one of my favourite subjects in school although I never did well in it and I loved science and I did well in that one. I also travelled alot after school and college and am now married and just today was having a discussion with my 10 year old about games for science and art orientation. These tools are great for them to help them learn through play. I also have a youtube channel called really happened and would appreciate the follow in return. will subscribe now.

    1. OH good! I am glad you like this activity. Thank you for comment. I will take a look at your channel.

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