Art and Literacy

I love projects that inspire kids to be creative and to use their imagination. Art is the number one activity that requires kids to think outside the box and it encourages them to be themselves.

Art is also a great way to make reading fun and appealing to young kids. Children are naturally drawn to art so why not use it to learn other subjects such as reading and literacy? Reading is about interpreting meaning. We love it when kids make something and can interpret their masterpieces to others.

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How to use this project to increase your child’s reading skills

The craft below will provide a fun and educational hands-on experience for kids. It is called The Wake-Up Puppet and can be used while reading a book, pretend play, or whatever else you can imagine. The puppet can be asleep and awake.

My son and I made two puppets and used them while we read numerous books. When it was my turn to read a page, my son’s puppet was sleeping. While my son read, he put his hand in the puppet so it was awake with open eyes.

We also used the puppet in a pretend play scenario with his PJ Masks action figures. Romeo, a villain, put my puppet to sleep with a magic potion. It was my son’s job, as Catboy (a character from PJ Masks), to get my puppet to wake up. He accomplished this by playing his toy drums loudly. We learned the words, snooze and drowsy while doing this activity.

Another way to make this project literacy based is to have your child read the directions while making the puppet. Encourage your child to sound out or say words that they know. If they can’t read yet, help them to use the pictures in this post to show how to make the puppet. Remember, your child will be reading because they are interpreting meaning. Additionally read the instructions to them while following along with your finger so they observe that words are needed in order to make the puppet.

So Let’s Get Started!

Wake-Up Puppet


  • Child Safety Scissors
  • Colored Paper
  • Glue
  • Paper lunch bag
  • Markers or crayons


  • Cut and paste closed-eye almond shapes from colored paper.
  • Paste the eye shapes on the bag. (View the picture below)

  • Cut and paste open-eye circular shapes from colored paper.
  • Paste them under the bag flap.
  • Cut a heart-shaped or circular nose from the colored paper.
  • Paste it on the bag.
  • Cut a C-shaped mouth from the colored paper.
  • Paste it on the bag.
  • Decorate the puppet with markers and crayons.
  • Put your hand inside the bag.
  • Close your hand for closed eyes.
  • Open your hand for open eyes.

Remember make this a fun literacy activity by doing the following…

  • Hold the puppet while you are reading to your child.
  • Make another puppet so you and your child can hold them while reading to each other.
  • Do a puppet show about a story you have previously read and change the ending.
  • Create your own story and make puppets of various characters.
  • Do pretend play with the puppet.

Happy Learning!

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4 thoughts on “Accelerate Young Readers’ Skills with this Art Project

  1. Such a creative idea! I think combining play with learning is an excellent way to engage kids. I did so many things like this when they were young. 😊

    1. Hello Cindy! Thank you for your comments. Engaged learning is the best way to go in my opinion. I have an active son so it makes things easier.

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