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Wouldn’t it be great for your family to have access to Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids this holiday?

This time of the year promotes relaxation, reminiscing, and laughter with family. Below, I have provided you with jokes to share with your loved ones after you all have opened your presents!

Children and adults will have a great time guessing the answers.

These jokes came from the book The Complete Laugh-Out-Laugh Holiday Jokes for Kids by Rob Elliott. This book is filled with jokes for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. If you want more jokes,  get his book!

Let’s get started!

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  1. What do snowmen eat for Lunch?

    • Brrrr-itos
  2. What is a Christmas tree’s least favorite month of the year?

    • Sep-timber
  3. What did Frosty wear to the wedding?

    • His snowsuit
  4. Why was Santa dressed up?

    • He was going to the snowball
  5. Why do snowmen always change their minds?

    • Because they are flaky!
  6. What does Santa give Rudoph when he has bad breath?

    • Orna-mints
  7. Who bring Christmas presents to a shark?

    • Santa Jaws
  8. What did the gingerbread man do when he sprained his ankle?

    • He iced it.
  9. What do grumpy sheep say during the holidays?

    • “Baa, baa, humbug.”
  10. Why do elves go to school?

    • To learn the elf-abet
  11. Why did the math teacher get sick after Christmas dinner?

    • He had too much pi.
  12. What does an elf listen to on the radio?

    • wrap music
  13. How do snow spend their Christmas vacations?

    • Chilling out
  14. What does Santa give his reindeer for a stomach ache?

    • Elk-a-Seltzer
  15. Why didn’t the rope get any presents?

    • Because it was knotty
  16. What did Mrs. Claus say to Rudolph when he was grump?

    • “You need to lighten up!”
  17. What is something you can throw during the holidays but catch?

    • A Christmas Party
  18. Why was the cat afraid to climb the Christmas tree?

    • It was scared of the bark.
  19. Why did the baker give everybody free cookies for  Christmas?

    • Because he had a lot of dough!
  20. What is a skunk’s favorite Christmas song?

    • “Jungle Smells”


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  1. These are great! My kids are at that age where they are trying their hand and telling jokes more and more. I will have to share these with them.

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