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READING ALOUD STRATEGIES-2 Reading aloud to my son is a sacred time within our household. I usually read before nap and bed time. It seems to create a serene atmosphere before rest. Then there are times when reading makes us animated! These types of stories may include characters experiencing adventures where they are running, jumping or kicking and on their way to solve a big problem! My goal is to read so my son feels like he is in the story. I have learned that there is an art to reading aloud.  Below is what I have found…

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Below is a video of 5 Reading Games/Activities for Kids!

Pick Books that Interest Them (or you think would interest them)

I try to pick books that my son can relate to or find interesting. I gravitate toward books with characters that look like him. Also books about cars, racing, sports, nature, animals, numbers, alphabet, and space spark his curiosity. Interacting and observing him assists me in finding books he will connect to. One day,  he asked me how water comes into our home. This led me to getting a book about how the home works. Try to get books that answer your child’s questions to further their understanding of a topic.

Better yet, Let Them Choose their Own Books

It is so much easier for my son to pick books out for himself. I usually take him to the library or the local book store and let him skim the book titles until he finds what he wants. Sometimes, he goes in the library knowing what he wants and is on a mission to find it. We find the books by inputting keywords in the computerized catalogue. When we sit down to read, the first book he usually chooses is the one he just found!

Voice Changes for Different Characters

Changing your voice for different characters is very entertaining for children. It can also be fun for the parent!  If I am reading a male character, I will lower my tone. If I am reading a character that is a monster, then my voice gets raspy.  Be creative and have fun practicing various character voices!

Emphasize Emotions and Actions

We read lots books with animal characters and I usually make their sounds or physical gestures that represent them. Also, if there is a quiet section in the book, then I lower my voice to set the mood. When there is an onomatopoeia like the word “Pop” and “Boom,” I get very loud and will hit my hand on the floor to make the sound.

Ask Kids about their Predictions

During reading time, I ask my son what he thinks will happen. This gets him engaged in the story. He also wants to know if his prediction is correct.

Listen to Audio Books

While riding in the car, my son and I will listen to audio books. The narrators are highly skilled in their changing voices and emphasizing emotions and actions. Listen to these books and you will learn a lot!

Another Bonus Tip

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16 thoughts on “Read Aloud Strategies – How to Make Books Come Alive for Kids

  1. This is how KG teachers should be from start. Make them visit their stories.I really like the approach. Make noises of the characters or accents if there it is any. This is how every parent and teacher should read their book. No need to physical activity.

  2. My mom did so many of these things when she read to me when I was little. She would quiz me about what happened in the book to make sure I was paying attention and would give each character a funny voice.

  3. Nice! I was read to as a child by my mum and it is why I’m such a bookworm today lol. I pray to do same with my child/children too.

    1. That is great! Reading takes you to a new world. I love reading because it promotes creativity and language. Keep it up! Thank you for reading.

  4. I totally agree that reading aloud is one of the best ways to teach children. I used to teach preschoolers and they love it especially when I change my voice. Thanks for the free resources!

    1. Thank you Karla for reading! My son loves when I change my voice for different characters. He thinks it is funny.

  5. Amazing tips. As a preschool teachers, I do more than one of these during the day. I love reading books to my students.

    1. Oh wonderful! It sounds like you are an amazing teacher! Thank you for reading and commenting!

  6. Great tips. When we first had my daughter my husband use to read in a monotone voice. Now he has different voices for all the characters! It is often funny and we get lots of laughs!

    1. That’s great! Reading can be fun for kids when you use different voices! Way to go Dad!

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