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5 SECRET DRIVING TIPS FOR TEENS FROM I was watching Sway in the Morning radio show on YouTube one day and saw a former Central Intelligence Agent (CIA) Officer, Jason Hanson, being interviewed. He discussed his life in the CIA and offered safety tips. His interview was so compelling, I purchased two of his books, Spy Secrets that can Save your Life: A Former CIA Officer Reveals Safety and Survival Techniques to Keep You and Your Family Protected and Survive Like a Spy: Real CIA Operatives Reveal How They Stay Safe in a Dangerous World and How You Can Too. Jason educates the reader on using survival intelligence at home, during disasters, and while traveling and driving.  He tells you how to escape zip ties and duct tape if you are kidnapped and how to be a human lie detector. His books are filled with entertaining and suspenseful CIA survival stories. I am always thinking about how children can benefit from the books I read. I thought some of the driving safety tips he gave would be helpful for teens. HERE WE GO! Windows Up The author tells the story of a man who had the windows down in his car while looking at his iPad. When the man took a nap, a teenage boy reaches in and steals his iPad.  Being parked or stopped at a red light can make you susceptible for a carjacking or robbery, especially when you are distracted by gadgets like your phone. Even when a stranger approaches your car to talk to you, keep your windows up. You should talk through the window instead. Wait to check the damage When you are in a fender bender, your first inclination is to exit the car and check the damage. However, Jason recommends you turn on your flashers, call the police, and stay inside your car until an officer arrives on the scene. The author gives examples of two people who were robbed, with one of them killed, just for getting out of their car during a fender bender. Hand Position I learned in Drivers Ed that the correct hand position was ten and two o’clock. This book says your hand should be at nine and three o’clock to get enough control over the car to properly execute maneuvers. This position helps you to get the most mobility out of your car because it forces you to keep your elbows bent. If there is someone standing in front of your car, you will be able to drive around him/her with this position. Can you See the Tires? How close are you to the stopped car in front of you? I learned you should be a car length away from the vehicle in front of you. You should actually be able to see the tires of the vehicle in front of you. Leaving this amount of space helps you to get around that vehicle should you need to get away in case of an emergency. Driver Adjustments Most people are sitting too far away from the steering wheel. To ensure you are sitting in the correct driving position, put your arm straight out toward the steering wheel and rest your arm on top of it. The bottom of your wrist should rest on top of the steering wheel. If your fingers are touching the wheel, then you are too far back and you need to move forward. If the steering wheel is touching your forearm then move back until your wrist is what’s resting on it with your arm fully extended. Bonus Tips: Organizing in your Car and a Safety Tip for Kids Try not to organize belongings in your car or put items in your purse. You put yourself in a vunerable position when you are handling your GPS or making calls on the cellphone. Please view our lesson on how to teach kids the Safety tip, Situational Awareness, through an artistic game! Happy Driving! Don’t forget to Sign Up for our FREE Course on How to Teach the  Alphabet in a Fun Way! OUR KID FRIENDLY FAST & FUN STUDY TRICKS FOR BETTER GRADES: 9 FUN STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS IN LEARNING AND SCHOOL HAS $29 OFF THE ORIGINAL PRICE. Our books are available on Amazon, “Teach Your Toddler to Read Through Play,” “Fun Easy Ways to Teach Your Toddler to Write, and “Teach Your Child About Money Through Play.THE TEACH YOUR TODDLER TO READ THROUGH PLAY ONLINE COURSE HAS A $97 DISCOUNT. Click here for the PAYMENT PLAN OPTION! Get the password for the library with Tips and Tools for Accelerated and Fun Learning for kids by completing this form. Once you press the SUBSCRIBE button, we will send you an email with the password. Then go to SOY Resource Library and enter the password.  
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7 thoughts on “5 SECRET Driving Tips for Teens (and Adults) from a Former CIA Officer

  1. These are great tips for teaching someone to drive. Driving is something that many teens take lightly and then need to know how serious it can be. Taking the right steps to learn the important factors that come along with driving is necessary. Rachel from Explore Kid Talk

    1. Thank you for reading and the compliment Lali! Once my son becomes a teen, I will share these tips with him as well.

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