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CYBER BULLY In the last blog we discussed  cyberbullying and its impact on children. Today we will learn how to handle it. Let’s get started! How to deal with it Do not respond. If you respond, the bully will believe they have succeeded in upsetting you. They most likely will keep attacking you. Keep records. Take a screenshot or pictures of what is on your screen. Print messages that you receive online as evidence. Ask for help. Tell someone you trust like a family member, a teacher, or friend. It is important to get support from someone who cares for you. Be mindful of what you put online. Everything you post or write online can be seen by others. It could be online forever. Someone could use your content against you in the future. Never share your passwords with anyone other than your parents. Share your email address and personal information with only people you trust. Use privacy settings and blocking features to keep unwanted guests from seeing your content. If you don’t know how to use these settings ask an adult, do an Internet search, or contact your school’s technology specialist. Use the law. Many cities and states have laws about online bullying. Many laws include the following…
  • A description of cyberbullying behaviors
  • Instructions for reporting and investigating cyberbullying
  • Consequences for those caught cyberbullying
Contact the company.  Companies that provide cell phone or online services can offer assistance with cyberbullying. Customers can call the company and report various acts of bullying. Many social networking sites have a feature where you can alert them of inappropriate messages. The company usually investigates the report and removes any content that breaks its rules. Be a model. Become part of the solution by posting positive messages on the Internet. Also support those who are being cyberbullied by sharing these tips with them. Use Technology. There are anti-bullying apps that can be downloaded on your cellphone or tablet. Some apps can send a message to a parent’s phone when their child’s phone receives a message that has bullying words. Spy-tracking software, which can also be installed on your cellphone or tablet, can track where anonymous messages are coming from. This helps the police, company, and or victim figure out who is behind the bullying. For more information on cyberbullying, please read the following resources … Digital Safety Smart. Preventing Cyberbullying by Mary Lindeen Dealing with Cyberbullies by Drew Nelson OUR KID FRIENDLY FAST & FUN STUDY TRICKS FOR BETTER GRADES: 9 FUN STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS IN LEARNING AND SCHOOL HAS $29 OFF THE ORIGINAL PRICE. Our books are available on Amazon, “Teach Your Toddler to Read Through Play,” “Fun Easy Ways to Teach Your Toddler to Write, and “Teach Your Child About Money Through Play.THE TEACH YOUR TODDLER TO READ THROUGH PLAY ONLINE COURSE HAS A $97 DISCOUNT. Click here for the PAYMENT PLAN OPTION! Get the password for the library with Tips and Tools for Accelerated and Fun Learning for kids by completing this form. Once you press the SUBSCRIBE button, we will send you an email with the password. Then go to SOY Resource Library and enter the password.
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12 thoughts on “How Kids and Parents Can Handle Cyberbullying

  1. Cyber-bulling is on the rise so for sure, we should work to curb it. I go for privacy settings and minding what I post about what I post. As well, it’s always good to ignore what we are teased about on the net.

  2. This is such an important awareness raising post! I love the “be a model” tip. Creating a ripple effect of positivity is so important.

    1. Thank you Anshula for the compliment! I hope these tips help a lot of parents and children.

  3. Definitely mute or block trolls and take screenshots for posterity. You don’t even need to post anything controversial as trolls will pick on whomever they think they can gain clout off of online.

  4. A good awareness post you have here .Cyber bullying is on the rise. Children and adults both are targeted too. I usually block or ignore comments or post from keyboard warriors that have a lot of negativity in it. I also try not to post anything that is controversial or else it might go viral the negative way.

  5. An extremely helpful post. It’s amazing the amount of bullying that goes on online. One of the things that I do practise that you have here, is just to ignore the bullies. It seems to be one of the best tool, though not always successful. Bookmarked.

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