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FOR THE CHILD WHO LOVES PLAYING DOCTOR, READ THIS BOOK FOR A GREATER CONNECTION! Many children are exposed to doctors at a young age, due to wellness checks and illnesses. Reading children’s books about physicians with my son helped decrease his anxiety about doctor visits. The book, I Want to Be a Doctor by Laura Driscoll, struck me because of the image of a young girl playing doctor with her younger brother on the cover. This picture reminded me of my younger self, son, and cousins. This story is about a boy who broke his leg by jumping off the top bunkbed. His family takes him to the emergency room, where his inquisitive older sister takes the reader on a journey to learn about the various doctors helping her brother.  Children will learn about specialized professions such as Radiologists, Orthopedists, Neonatologists and Dentists. Many children will see themselves represented in this book because it shows male and female doctors who are ethnicity diverse. The author encourages curiosity in children by having each doctor engage the girl in conversation and answer her questions about their role. I find this book provides a great opportunity to expand your child’s vocabulary. Instead of telling my son he is going to the doctor, I now tell him he will visit the Pediatrician. He was excited about his Dentist appointment because he understood they will take care of his teeth. He often asks me about his next Pediatrician and Dentist visits. Use this book to teach your child about various types of doctors and their contribution to our society! It is also a great learning tool for kids who want to be doctors in the future! Happy Learning! OUR KID FRIENDLY FAST & FUN STUDY TRICKS FOR BETTER GRADES: 9 FUN STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS IN LEARNING AND SCHOOL HAS $29 OFF THE ORIGINAL PRICE. Our books are available on Amazon, “Teach Your Toddler to Read Through Play,” “Fun Easy Ways to Teach Your Toddler to Write, and “Teach Your Child About Money Through Play.THE TEACH YOUR TODDLER TO READ THROUGH PLAY ONLINE COURSE HAS A $97 DISCOUNT. Click here for the PAYMENT PLAN OPTION! Get the password for the library with Tips and Tools for Accelerated and Fun Learning for kids by completing this form. Once you press the SUBSCRIBE button, we will send you an email with the password. Then go to SOY Resource Library and enter the password.
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