FIELD TRIP TEACHING KIDS TO HAVE EFFECTIVE MEETINGS Adults usually attend many meetings in the workplace and/or in the community. We have meetings to solve problems, to plan events, to get an update, etc. Sometimes meetings can be too long and unnecessary. Some supervisors in the workplace have meetings at the same day and time each week. These meetings can occur even if there is nothing on the agenda. Meetings can occur in various places such as in the office, at someone’s home, or in a restaurant. Why not teach our students how to have “EFFECTIVE” meetings that actually get things done? Try this activity below and see if your students can accomplish their goals in a meeting.
  1. Plan a field trip to a restaurant where students can hold their meeting.
    • This activity can also be done in a classroom.
  2. If easier, you can divide students into small groups.
  3. Give your students a task to accomplish in their meeting.
    • It could be planning a class field trip or picnic
    • Solving a class or school problem
  4. Give students the following tips to conduct an effective meeting.
    • Have an agenda set before the meeting.
    • Send agenda to attendees at least 30 minutes before meeting.
    • Have action items already outlined in agenda.
    • Give those who want to speak a time limit. (optional)
    • Set a time for the meeting (don’t go over meeting time).
  5. Observe and debrief how students conducted themselves in the meeting.
    • Did students accomplish their meeting goals?
    • Did everyone who spoke add value to the meeting?
    • Did students find the meeting helpful?
    • Did students find being in a restaurant distracting?
    • What did students learn during this activity?
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