New Year’s Day is coming soon and many people will be setting new goals. Ideally, goals should be set year round but this is a great time to address the topic.

A great way to teach kids about setting goals is to encourage them to think about what they want to achieve and create a project centered around it. 

On our website, in the Sample Lessons tab, you will see an activity called “SMART Goals.” This lesson explains the meaning of SMART goals and uses the “Making the Basket” game to apply the concept. The game encourages students to create goals and to take ownership in achieving it.

Kids can be taught goals in this same manner.

When students create their own goals, they have a stake in the project. However, they can also learn by achieving goals created by their teachers and school.

Below is a suggestion for addressing goals in your educational program and at home.

  1. Have a class meeting for students to create a goal.
    • Refer to our “Smart Goals” Sample Lesson for how to create and process a “SMART Goal.”
  2. Once the goal is created, break students into small groups to brainstorm how they will achieve the goal.
  3. Have each group present their ideas and vote on the best one.
    • For example, if students want to fundraise for a class trip, maybe they want to create a talent show and sell tickets to the community.
  4. Start planning how to achieve the goal.
  5. Execute the plan!

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