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Physical activity can be a fun learning experience, especially when everyone in the family is trying something new. Children will most likely model what their parents do. If children see parents being physical, then they will most likely follow this lifestyle in the future.

 Parents that are active can teach their children so many life skills.  Parents can also learn from doing physical activities with their children.

Let’s say a family decides to do a new activity together such as rock climbing.

Rock climbing requires decision-making skills because you have to decide the path that reaches the top.

It incorporates problem solving skills where you may decide to take a different path because your first course of action failed. Furthermore, family members are cheering and encouraging each other to climb higher.

This is teamwork!

If you don’t want to leave home, try the activity below. Enjoy learning and being physical with your family!

  1. Tell your family you will have a game night of Charades!
  2. You can play the game two ways…
  3. Divide the family into two teams.
  4. Have one person on the team guess and the other person act out or use pantomime to represent the word.
  5. If the team guesses the word, then they will get a point.
  6. Or you can have one family member at a time act and the other family members guess the word.
  7. The family member that guesses the word will get a point.
  8. Choose categories that will be really physical and incorporate learning…
    • Strange Animals such as a Featherless Chicken
    • Unusual Sports such as Chess Boxing
  9. Since these categories will be unfamiliar, have a list of the names near the game (optional).
  10. Record the points and have fun!



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