Incorporating interactive activities in the classroom increases a person’s memorization rate of a lesson or subject. Interactive activities encourage you to think about the material in different ways. For instance, a group of students is learning about the lifecycle of a butterfly.  Sure, you can tell them the stages and expect them to remember.

But why not supplement this lesson with a project where the students become the butterfly and then they teach others the life cycle?

This will help students absorb the material. Teaching others a concept is an effective memorization and learning method. As a teacher, you want to grasp the material in case your students ask questions. If you know the subject, you will also be confident in delivering the material. Below is an example of how to incorporate this in the classroom.

  1. Choose a subject you want your students to learn.
    • Let’s use the lifecycle of a butterfly for this example.
  2. Explain to your students the four stages of a butterfly in 15 minutes or less.
  3. Break your class up into 4 groups.
  4. Each group will have to act out (role play) the four stages of a butterfly and teach their classmates.
  5. Tell students to be creative.
  6. After this class, students will have a better chance of remembering the lesson because the following memorization methods are used…
    • Lecture by instructor
    • Prepping for role play
    • Performing the role play
    • Repetition by seeing each group’s version of their role play



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