Today, let’s discuss hands-on learning within the family. Experiencing something new with the family can create and strengthen bonds. If you do an activity that no one in the family is familiar with, then most likely you will see each members’ strengths and weaknesses exposed. This can be beneficial because where one member is weak, another family member can assist.

This creates a dynamic where the family is relying on each other to complete the task. For instance, a family of four has decided to go camping for the first time. Mom may be good with organization so she is in charge of the meals and ensuring everyone has appropriate clothing. Brother loves being outdoors and observing animals. He is in charge of animal safety and exploring nature. Sister is into event planning so she is in charge of games and nighttime activities. Dad is a great builder and is in charge of tent care and picking the camping site.

In this activity, the family is relying on each other’s skills to have a positive camping experience. Below is another way to incorporate hands-on learning within the family.

Cooking in unfamiliar territory

  1. Plan for the family to cook a meal that no member has eaten before.
  2. You can find a recipe from another country or ethnicity.
  3. You can have half of the family make the entrée and the other half make the appetizer or dessert.
  4. This activity incorporates so much learning such as: following recipe directions, math skills with measuring ingredients, food science, various cooking temperatures needed for certain food, patience, teamwork, communication skills and diversity.
  5. Enjoy your meal!


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