Diversity can be applied within the family setting. I know what you are thinking. How are people in the same family considered a diverse group? Let’s explore! Families can be diverse by gender, age, experiences, preferences etc.

Let’s take a family with a mom, dad, older brother, and toddler sister. Mom and sister are females and dad are brother are males. Brother is older than his sister and has had more experiences. Mom and Dad had different lives before marriage and bring those experiences to the table. The toddler sister most likely participates in imaginative play; for example, she may create an ice cream cone by putting a small ball in a cup.

This is diversity in the family!

Use this to your benefit to solve family problems or to answer a question. For instance, the family problem may be brother feels that his parents give too much attention to toddler sister. He feels left out. Below is an example of how to apply diversity of the group to this issue.

How to apply it – Example

  1. Come together for a family meeting
  2. Older brother can present the problem of feeling left out.
  3. Mom and Dad can ask brother to offer ideas on how they can be more inclusive.
  4. If brother doesn’t offer ideas, ask him to tell you the following…
    • What are your favorite activities?
    • What does a fun day with the family look like?
  5. Mom and dad can offer ideas on how to make brother’s fun day a reality.
  6. Include toddler sister by having her…
    • Draw a picture of brother’s family fun day
      • Incorporate ideas from her picture and include it in fun day
    • Gather toys for imaginative play about brother’s family fun day
      • Incorporate ideas from her play and include it in fun day
    • The family can make a fun day calendar that includes…
      • Brother’s favorite activities
    • Have toddler sister decorate the calendar with art supplies
    • Make sure you do the activities on the calendar!


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