Safety Secrets

Safety Secrets is our new program that will be available soon. It is based on two books, Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life and Survive Like a Spy, by former CIA officer Jason Hanson. This program uses art, games, and interactive activities to teach kids security tips and how to decrease their risk of danger. Below is one sample lesson that uses an artistic game to help kids learn about Situational Awareness. The total program of seven lessons will only be available to our subscribers.

Please note: Subscribers pay a yearly fee of $200 to have access to over 110 hours of our fun and educational life skills programming! Subscribe here!


This program teaches students the following safety tips…

  • Situational Awareness

  • Countersurveillance – What to do when being followed

  • Using Code Words when Feeling Unsafe

  • Social Engineering and how to handle it

  • How to Spot a Liar

  • Using Human Intelligence to stay safe local and when traveling

  • Spy Safety Pointers

  • Provide Resources for more Information

Safety Secrets 1

Safety Secrets 1 – Situational Awareness


More Sample Lessons

Anti-Bullying Tactic 1

Anti-Bullying Tactic 1 – Turning Insults into Compliments

Basic Etiquette

Basic Etiquette

Good Debt Bad Debt

Good Debt Bad Debt lesson



Recognizing an Instigator

Recognizing an Instigator

Networking Lesson


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