Safety Secrets is a program based two books, Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life and Survive Like a Spy, by former CIA officer Jason Hanson. This program uses art, games, and interactive activities to teach kids security tips and how to decrease their risk of danger. Below is one sample lesson that uses an artistic game to help kids learn about Situational Awareness. This is a seven lesson and eight hour program.

Situational Awareness

 Safety Secrets 1 – Situational Awareness

Counter Surveillance

Safety Secrets 2- Counter Surveillance

Code Words and Signals

Safety Secrets 3 – Code Words and Signals

Social Engineering

Safety Secrets 4 – Social Engineering

How to Spot a Liar

Safety Secrets 5 – How to Spot a Liar

Human Intelligence

Safety Secrets 6 – Human Intelligence

Spy Secrets

Safety Secrets 7 – Spy Secrets